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Thread: 2021 BOD Members

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    2021 BOD Members

    2021 San Diego Region Board of Directors Election Results!

    Polls closed on November 23, 2020 for our 2021 Board of Directors elections (sorry for the delay, got all tied up in the road rally and forgot to post...). We would like to thank everyone that participated in the voting process. In particular, we sincerely appreciate the candidates seeking to further serve the Region and determine its future direction in the coming year. We had 48 Region Members that voted for up to four of the candidates.

    Congratulations to the elected members and please provide them with your continued support. Your 2021 Board of Directors is as follows:

    Ric Senior
    Hank Yamfang
    Eric Sakariasen
    Peter Bollenbecker
    Jeff Lonsdale
    Diane Bollenbecker
    Nima Abrahim

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