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Thread: 2020 Update, 2021 Preview

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    2020 Update, 2021 Preview

    SDR Autocross 2020 Update and 2021 Preliminary View
    The Good, and Bad, and Good

    First the good!
    We are extending the validity of all Solo numbers purchased for 2020 through the end of 2021. No need to renew!

    Now the bad?
    As most of you know, our SDCCU lots and the Lake Elsinore lot have been unavailable to us. SDCCU is undergoing demolition and we will no longer to be able to rent lots at the site, confirmed by SDSU management. Not a surprise, but a sad and final nail in the coffin despite our repeated attempts to get any last SE lot events in that we could. Lake Elsinore remains a COVID test site and the City is not issuing event permits currently. Our outreach to numerous potential other sites have also not been fruitful, with many facilities simply not engaging. So, it appears we will have no additional autocross events in 2020 and effectively no ?season? this year. Thanks COVID.

    Now the good again!
    What we are doing for autocross is reaching out to Lake Elsinore to ?hold? some tentative dates for 2021, in the event that conditions return that allow us to run. We will of course continue seeking alternatives as well.

    We are not giving up on our members or on having fun with cars. We are actively pursuing additional road rallies and track days, events that we can host, and expect that we will be having numerous events for each throughout 2021, and may yet have another for 2020. Stay tuned and stay connected!

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    Thank you for the team being on top of this making it work!

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