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Thread: Region Event 8/25/19

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    Region Event 8/25/19

    My fastest run of the day good for 5th in CAM-T.

    Had blast running in CAM-T this weekend.

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    Was that a Mustang?
    The wind was louder than the exhaust.
    Open it up

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    Late Apex Photos Posted

    Well, it’s been a long and unpleasant week for me. But I’ve finished processing and posting 300 photos I took at the 8/25/19 Region event. They are at Late Apex Photo.

    Let me reflect, I spent about 7 hours in 94-degree heat, with higher than normal humidity, walking 5.5 miles to take 3000+ photos of the same cars I’ve shot before. Then I spent way too many hours in front of my computer sorting and individually refining each image to make it look as nice as I can. I think that says something about me, but I’m almost afraid to define what that is. LOL

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