My Formula Ford is for sale. Let me know if you know anyone who might be interested. Pictures too large to process.
1990 Van Diemen For Sale
Car has been autocrossed since 2008, lots of development. Set up for semi rallycross Qualcomm surface. Generally in very good condition except for some minor body panel flaws.
900lb + or -. Motor rebuilt in 2016.
Rebuilt motor:
SCAT crank and rods,
New block
New cam and lifters
New oil pump
New lightened flywheel and clutch
New Pertronix distributor
Aluminum head with port matched intake(R&R’ed with motor rebuild)
Triple adjustable Penski shocks
2 sets of springs
9 Panasport rims
Set of used rain tires
New Starter
AIM dash
Fixed first gear(for autocross) and extra fixed first
Modified front body panel for better streamlining
Quick jack
Light weight trailer with cover and including storage area
Light weight brake calipers
Fuel cell replaced and new fuel pump
Helicopter shift linkage joints
2 new CV joints
Set up for a starter battery
Carb plus many jets
2 radiators
Several sets of gears and alignment tool for gear change
Fire extinguisher(not installed)
Used water pump and oil pump
Extra set of differential gears
Repaired upright
Front noise panel
Ballast to get a 160lb driver and car to 1100 lb
Motorcycle fan
Wheel spacers
Car, trailer and extras $15,000
Mark 650-400-050one