I originally posted this in general, but it looks like it belongs here instead, sorry for the RP

I recently got a 2004 Boxster S 986 and took it to Vollig Autowerks for AX prep.
Stock, the car is in the C Street class.

It's a 15 year old car and I wanted to address some of the reliability issues for that year as well as do some handling upgrades.

The IMS bearing was replaced and the clutch and flywheel were replaced with new OE parts.
The water pump and AOS were replaced.
The underdrive pulley was replaced with a smaller one to avoid power steering boil over.
A 2 qt deep oil sump was added.
The original motor mount which was failing was replaced with a solid one.
The front lower control arms and rear toe links were replaced with ones with more adjustment range.
The tires were replaced with Bridgestone Potenza RE-71Rs.

These changes moved the car from PCA CC06 to CC07 (the sticky tires cost 20 points).
I think these changes put me into the STR class.
Does anyone see any issues with classing the car as STR?