All parts located in San Diego. Money back guarantee. This is ALL I have, nothing else lying around, not parting out a whole car.

1990 Miata
Gauge Cluster. Everything works. Shows 151,270 miles $45

Stock ECU. Works. About 140,000 miles on it. $45

Door Windows – Driver and Passenger sides. Main and “Vent” widows $40.00 each side or $70 for both. Came of a car with manual crank windows, not sure if that makes a difference

Passenger side window regulator with crank handle $35

Interior trim around windshield. Top and both sides. $15

Trunk liner, the piece that fits on the floor and the piece that fits against the back covering the taillights and lock mechanism. $20 each or $30 for both

Drivers and passenger side seatbelt tower trim and rain gutter (trim and tubes) $20 for both

Ignition switch with key. Works fine. $45

Heater fan $25

Convertible top striker plates, mount on windshield frame. $10 for both

Throttle body. Works fine. $45

Right side turn signal bulb and wire $5

Inside door pulls – both sides $5 for =both

License plate light set $5

Front and rear Anti-sway bar - stock $5 each

Plastic headlight door rain trim $10 for the set

Front steering knuckles – both sides $10 for the set

Clutch slave cylinder and hydraulic line. Cylinder is used in good condition. $25

Water temp sensor $5

Mystery sensor

Hood latch with cable $10

Fuel cap cover cable release $15

Passenger side manual mirror with bad paint. $5

1999 / 2000 Miata

Ignition coil with injector harness $50

Starter – nearly new. $40

Throttle body $10

Breather valve for emissions system $5

Nearly new Oreca 6 point Tech H racing harness. SFI 16.1 certified. $125.

New, unused track and high performance driving ready pads and rotors for a Miata. This is what I race with, will take anything you can throw at them. Pads will create more dust than you want if your car is street use only.

Front pads and rotors for 94 to 00 Miata. $233 new, not counting shipping. Yours for $115.
CTek 121.45050 rotors
G-Loc R10, GPM635 PREBEDED pads. Prebed means no bedding required.

Rear pads and rotors for 90 thru 93 Miata. $195 new, not counting shipping. Yours for $95.
CTek 121.45035 rotors
G-Loc R8, GP458 PREBEDED pads. I have 2 sets of these pads and will add the 2nd set for another $50.