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Thread: Workers needed for MINI MEET WEST autocross on Wed., June 8th

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    Workers needed for MINI MEET WEST autocross on Wed., June 8th

    MINI MEET WEST 2016 is renting our Region's autocross equipment and trailer to put on their autocross event on Wednesday, June 8th, at the Qualcomm Stadium Southwest lot. Here is a link to their event web site,

    They are asking for 5 skilled & experienced workers to run Timing and Scoring for the event. The 5 workers will be working in the trailer performing normal autocross timing and scoring functions. These functions include timer operation, time recording, course communication, computer operation, and announcing. Those workers may also be asked to help with any operations glitches during the event. Jeff Lonsdale and I will be there to help set up the trailer and equipment, and oversee the equipment and timing & scoring during the day.

    MINI MEET WEST 2016 is offering $100, free catered lunch, and free runs to the workers. The autocross event is on Wednesday, June 8th, with the first car out scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Workers should plan to be there around 7:30 a.m. to help with preparation and equipment set up.

    Again, this is primarily for experienced trailer workers. If you are interested please respond ASAP.

    Contact Steve Alexander at 714-244-907six or stevealexanders at

    ~ LarryC

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    Boy, if only we knew someone who put on marquee events professionally. ;-)

    I've worked with the mini group before, it's definitely not as fast paced as an SCCA solo event, you can probably get away with not every trailer position filled (I ran mini scoring entirely myself, including printing results every so often).

    I do have an inside track on a professional announcer if you want that contact. He's quite good, neutral, and kinda Iron Man on the microphone. He'd demand a little more $$ that you're offering, but still not expensive.

    If I wasn't so bogged down with my own events, I'd offer to help for good will.

    Jay W

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