FS: One (1) Advanti Racing Storm S1 15x9 Grey / Titanium 4x100

Still in the box (as a matter of fact, the box comes with it!). This was intended for a spare in case my mounted wheels got damaged, however, I no longer have that car, so no longer need the wheel.

$120 OBO

I'll be at the 12/13/2015 Autocross event @ Qualcomm and can deliver it then, or alternately arrange pickup with me.

For full specs, see: http://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda...t/61-1389.html
(From the page)
Advanti Racing's new RRF line of wheels are STRONG and LIGHT

RRF, or Rim Rotary Formed, is a flow formed process that results in a product that is stronger/lighter than lesser casting methods. You get BOTH a strong 500 KG load rating....and an amazing 12 pounds and change for 15x9 (as low as 12.2 on our scale up to about 12.5 typically). Most everything else in this price range is gravity cast, pressure cast, or low pressure cast with heat treatment..

* 15x9 4x100
* +35 offset
* 12+ lbs!
* Flow Formed construction
* 73mm center bore
* Clear coated finish
* Cap included
* Valves not included
* Fits 225/45, 225/50, 245/40, 245/50, 275/35 tires.
* JWL and TUV approved
* VIA 500kg certification

Always check clearance during install and after car is lowered to the ground, failure to do so can result in damage, death, tires cut on fender lips, and other bad stuff!

Takes optional 73/54mm hubcentric rings

Tire Size breakdown:
-195/50 and 205/50: not recommended
-225/45: Tires fit NB fenders with no mods needed given 1.5 negative camber or better, fits NA with slightly rolled fenders and that negative camber
- 225/50: require rolling and pulling fenders, removing liners on NA, NB only requires slight roll.
-235/50 Toyo R888: requires rolling and pulling on NA, roll only on NB, will rub top of tire at full compression.
-275/35 require rolling and pulling, removing liners on NA, flat roll on NB. 20-30mm spacer recommended to fill aftermarket flares.

Will NOT clear stock suspension, need coilovers with 2.5 inch diameter springs or narrower and expect may still rub at full lock (which is not a real issue since full lock is only possible at parking lot speeds).

ABOUT ADVANTI RACING: Advanti Racing wheels was established in the mid 1990s. Their racing experience includes supplier and sponsor of the Formula One Scuderia Toro Rosso team, among others, and that experience is reflected in the quality wheels they produce. Each wheel is designed and engineered in-house by YHI Manufacturing to the highest quality and testing standards, including JWL, JWL-T, VIA and TUV.

Brian's Application Notes: WOW, what a bargain, never dreamed we would get flow formed strength in this price range. The benefit is wheels that are BOTH stronger AND lighter! You can buy lots of regular cast wheels for this same price and more that are not near as strong.

12mm bolt holes are perfect for centering wheel on Miata, but some MINI customers would need to change to 12mm studs. Stock lugs too short and fat, see our lug upgrades