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Thread: SCCA SoPac Championship 2016 Round 1 & 2 - INCLUDING a Track Day! December 5-6

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    SCCA SoPac Championship 2016 Round 1 & 2 - INCLUDING a Track Day! December 5-6

    The San Diego and Arizona Regions are partnering to put on a SoPac Championship Road Race at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway on December 5-6.

    There will also be a Track Day on Saturday for people who are interested in coming out and getting some seat time on the racetrack without the competition license requirements!

    Here is the link to register for the event:

    Here is the link to the Arizona Region Website page for the event:

    Many people in San Diego who are not licensed for road race competiton events may be interested in the Track Day part of the event. Here is some additional information specific to the PDX:

    Are there additional resources to point people to for details about what to expect from an SCCA Track Day?
    Since we're running this event much like a Track Night in America event - use this as a good guide:

    With these modifications:
    1 - we're only going to have one run group - but 4 sessions versus the night program's 3 sessions.
    2 - there won'tt be the paced/parade laps option in the middle of the event like a night Event.
    3 - since this is a full club racing weekend - there isn't a Run/Work option.

    We'll be using the same tech sheet:

    We'll use the same basic rule and regulations / what to bring

    What previous experience is required?

    Are instructors available (or mandatory)?
    This is a structured track day versus a driver school/education event, so we'll be debriefing drivers after the sessions, but there won't be instructors in your cars.

    Will participants have transponders for timing?
    No timing is allowed on these events.

    What do we need to do to prep their cars?
    Here's a good guide for car prep:

    How much does it cost?
    The track day will be $150 for four 20 minute sessions on Saturday, December 5th.

    Here's the flyer for the event:
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    Thanks so much for this info! Now if only I could convince the wife...
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