I'm the chief flagger at next weekend's Global rallycross event at the LA harbor. If anyone who's not going to nationals is available Friday Sept. 11, we're looking for a couple flaggers. It's much easier than flagging at a club racing event, as there are only a yellow and a red flag, and no advance training or prep is required, other than the ability to pay attention.

In addition to making $100, you can request free admission for family and friends. It's a pretty cool deal, as the paddocks and garages are open and they encourage you to see the cars close up. Lots of good/well-known drivers as well: Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Scott Speed, Nelson Piquet, Jr., Travis Pastragna, Brian Deegan, Bucky Lasek and more. If you're interested, email me: krahn at solo2 dot com.