Ready to try the Enduro RallyX?!?

Basic jist - One car at a time does continous lapping for approximately 25minutes. Highest number of laps wins! There's some boring tiebreaker stuff, but you can read that on the main CalClubRallyX page:

Due to this being an 'unsanctioned' event, we're calling this a club meeting rather than an organize competition. So, it's time to re-up the Enduro RallyX Club. Membership is $40, and we'll have a "meeting" at Johnson Valley to "test out" our EnduroRallyX concepts on May 16th.

About 4.5 weeks out, we've already got 8 entries w/o any advertizing, so if interested you'll want to watch that entry limit of 20.

We run on Soggy Lake, a dry lake bed, out near Lucerne Valley. The surface is very hard and flat. It can break up throughout the day into a soft powder. It is very dusty and dirty out there, but there is no ruts/rocks/hazards to speak of. Very 'road car' friendly. The access road can be a little rough, but passable with any vehicle (even lowered) if taken slow.

Membership application for the Enduro RallyX Club is availble at:
Saturday May 16th - Johnson Valley Enduro RallyX Club

Limit of only 20 drivers, so don't get left out due to procrastination.

Pre-registration is extra important due to the sensitive scheduling of this meeting. It's also important that we don't get no shows, so refunds can only be issued up to a week before the meeting.

There's already 8 signed up, and based on raised eyebrows at the Glen Helen event, I expect entries to fill up fast.

Free camping on site.

You'll only need to be there for a few hours to participate. A person's schedule will look something like this:

Scheduled Start Time: 10:30
Scheduled Work Time: 11:30-12:30

So this driver should show at about 9:30, and probably leave by 1. Everyone but me will have a similar schedule.

I'll be plenty receptive to people wanting to hang out longer and help, but it certainly won't be required.

I'll probably ask for some volunteers for about 7:30 to 10am.

CalClub RallyX home page:

Jay W