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Thread: Right place?

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    Right place?

    I hope this is the right place for SCNAX. Postings to this forum seems sparse. Bob, Rae and Hank have lured me in by making my wife accept that she isn't alienated from this culture as she previously assumed.

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    Contact Warren at

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    Try again.
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    he never emailed me.

    We seem to be falling behind on the whole 'email Warren' thing.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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    It's a small, local (and "unofficial") forum, so it's definitely sparse compared to most forums people are used to. Traffic increases as the season has its ups and down.

    Meanwhile, we better see Angela in that Prius C come February Or let her know that if she can't drive stick, I know of a guy with an automatic FR-S

    Welcome to the club, Eric.
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