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Thread: 1998 Acura Integra Type-R for sale, D-Stock killer!

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    1998 Acura Integra Type-R for sale, D-Stock killer!

    FOR SALE: 1998 Acura Integra Type-R
    #269 of only 1027 produced in 1998
    139k miles, 55k miles on this engine, 3 owner car, 10½ years w/ current owner
    clean title, never crashed, never broken into
    $18,500 Call Carl 760-809-9250 to inquire

    Winning history in SCCA Solo racing:
    • Three-event divisional series champion
    • Four-time San Diego regional champion
    • Three-time National Tour champion

    Complete racing package, car comes with:
    • Six complete sets of rims:
      • Two sets of factory white 7-spoke Integra Type-R rims.
      • Three sets Millenias (the hot ticket for D-Stock Integras in SCCA), exactly stock size and offset, and they weigh just 12 pounds each.
      • One set aftermarket 5-spoke rims, sort-of similar to the "fat fives" style that came with GS-Rs for several years.
    • Four complete sets of tires:
      • Dunlop Direzza Z-II, approx 40 runs, just flipped so you have deep fresh rubber on the outside shoulder again.
      • Toyo R1-R, approx 80 runs.
      • Dunlop DZ101, approx 1000 street miles, zero autocross runs.
      • Dunlop DZ101, mounted and balanced only, never touched asphalt, stored in airtight plastic bags since M&B.
    • Simpson five-point harnesses for the driver and front passenger.
    • Valentine One radar locator, custom hard mount, hard-wired power, remote display mounted under speedo, custom on/off switch at driver's right knee.
    • One complete set of Blackwatch Racing tire bags.
    • VTEC controller with custom quick-disconnect wiring harness, attach it to or remove it from the car in under two minutes with just a screwdriver.
    • Factory service manual (aka Helm's Guide).
    • Custom fit car cover, Evolution material -- protects it while outdoors, and ESSENTIAL SECURITY: don't let anybody know what it is while parked outside.
    • Stack of receipts almost two inches thick attesting to entire maintenance history for the 10½ years I've had the car.
    • Many random spare parts, including factory touch-up paint, extra bushings, unmolested replacements for all interior panels that were modified for the Valentine One install (so you can undo it perfectly cleanly if you want), and more.

    Car is SCCA Solo stock legal, and ready to take over D-Stock. Just add driving talent.

    Only two modifications:

    1. Shocks are Koni yellows, rebuilt and revalved by ProParts specifically for stock class SCCA racing.
    2. The five-point harnesses. Shoulder straps and cam-locks snap right out, waist and anti-sub straps (which work with the factory seats!) fold away beside and underneath the factory alacantara seats and allow you to use the factory seatbelt on the street.

    That's it. Otherwise, 100% as it came from the factory!

    This is an A/C delete car. A quick history lesson on Air Conditioning in U.S. model Type-R's. In 1997, A/C was not included, but it was an option you could add on the factory build order. In 1998, it was included, but there was a zero-cost A/C delete option on the factory build order. In 2000 and 2001, A/C was included, but the delete option was not available on the factory build order. Hence, by SCCA Solo stock rules, it's legal for a 1997 or 1998 Type-R not to have A/C, but illegal for a 2000 or 2001. This is why most people who are serious about running a stock Type-R in SCCA Solo get a 1997 or 1998 -- for the weight and crank drag advantage of no A/C.

    This engine was rebuilt by Bill Brown at AEBS specifically to SCCA Solo stock rules, with all factory parts. This is as hot an engine as you're going to get stock legal.

    In the last year, all the front suspension bushings have been replaced. All those precious little rubber bits that take a beating from Solo racing? Fresh, new, and tight as a drum. And it's gotten a new clutch and catalytic converter, and a fresh shock rebuild within the last two years, too. This car is well taken care of.

    Maintenance history highlights:
    Mileage    Date     What
    =======  ========   =============================
    139090   11/15/13   Front brake pads & rotors,
                        Front upper control arms & bushings
    138760   11/02/13   Dent repair, drivers side
    136713   05/09/13   Bushings for exhaust, muffler, cat
    136502   04/27/13   Left drive axle halfshaft,
                        Front lower control arms & bushings
    135737   04/12/13   Secondary O2 Sensor
    131954   07/26/12   Shocks rebuilt to stock autocross
                        specs by ProParts
    128600   03/22/12   Outer right side CV boot
    125757   02/08/12   Clutch, pressure plate, bearing
    125316   11/28/11   Air intake resonator
    123761   08/03/11   Catalytic converter
    122336   04/28/11   Trunk release actuator, rear
                        motor mount & left torque stop
    121693   02/05/11   Dent repair, passenger side
    119752   07/06/10   Major scheduled maintenance,
                        climate control panel
    115906   07/01/09   Battery
    104771   07/07/07   Inner CV boots (both), right side
                        inner CV joint
    104544   07/02/07   Clutch master cylinder
    102227   05/14/07   Brake lines (all four)
    100662   04/10/07   Transmission mount (incl. frame repair)
     96418   09/19/06   Shift linkage & bushings
     94873   05/22/06   Rear brake pads, left front wheel studs
     92590   12/22/05   Brake master cylinder
     92429   12/14/05   Alternator
     91466   08/16/05   Clutch slave cylinder, major
                        scheduled maintenance
     87799   03/14/05   Right drive axle halfshaft
     85074   01/18/05   Engine rebuilt to Solo stock rules by
                        Bill Brown at AEBS, all factory parts
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