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Thread: Palomar Mountain Lost Souls last Sunday

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    Palomar Mountain Lost Souls last Sunday

    His lights aren't turned on; so it doesn't count. Right?

    Found this guy on the mountain. Said he was lost. (I think he was REALLY testing D2's at altitude for Dunlop.)

    Felt sorry for him, and told him he could follow us down the mountain... Hell, he passed us and we never saw him again!

    Shifless scofflaws running way too fast up the mountain. (Scares the wimmen. And on Sunday!)
    We all stopped to wave at the guys that went over the edge at about 80. They yelled back they'd beat us to the bottom!

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    Casual Sunday drive in the mountians...pissing off superbikers by showing them they can't pull away in the corners on the south grade. Once they had a straight they were gone though. Someday when I'm SC'd that might be different.
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    It's a bike. It'll NEVER be different!

    But indeed, bikes can never keep up with cars on mountain roads. When I first got my Civic, was all stock and on 215 all season tires, the vet sportsbikes guys were left in the dust as I puttered behind my friends in cars who had more balls than sense! It takes a lot of guts to lean on a bike up there when a small branch or rock can cause you to wipe out.
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