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Thread: Thank You San Diego Solo2

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    Thank You San Diego Solo2

    Thank you good people of San Diego Solo2 for another great tour event. I really enjoy the tours in San Diego and this was no exception.

    I know there are many people who work very hard to make sure this tour stop is one of the best in the country. But I wanted to give special thanks to a few.

    First, Warren Leach. Seems like every time I looked up, Warren was doing something on course, from marking to keeping the course clean for competition. It was really appreciated by me and I'm sure everyone else that the course was always in such great shape. Thank you Warren.

    Second, Jon Lugod. Designing and setting up a course can be a thankless job. It's a lot of work. Jon, you produced two courses that were challenging and each with it's own flavor. Congratulations and great work. Thanks to you and Jeff Cawthorne who I know helped in refining and setting up.

    Lastly, thanks to all of the behind the scenes people who stepped up for the event. Great job! Hope you continue the tradition next year!

    Warmest Regards,

    George Schilling
    1984 Van Diemen RF-84, 1600cc Kent, Hewland Mk9, Centerline 2 pc. wheels, Hoosier R25B, SuperTrapp silencer, Zimmer Alloclassic titanium left hip w/Metasul LDH chromium-cobalt lg dia head

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    I second that. Warren and Peter did a great job - they were everywhere. Jeff L as always does the many little things that go unnoticed (like keeping the trash cans empty). Great job by Jon and Jeff - 2 very different course designs. Marshall and Christine and Mindy for keeping the event flowing and finishing at 2:30 on Sunday.
    Great job!
    Mark Duerst

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