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Thread: Enduro RallyX Club, Jun 2 Johnson Valley

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    Enduro RallyX Club, Jun 2 Johnson Valley

    Our second EnduroRallyX is Jun 2.

    Membership is $40, and we'll have a "meeting" at Johnson Valley to "test out" our concepts on June 2nd.

    Basic jist - One car at a time does continous lapping for approximately 25minutes. Highest number of laps wins!

    This is a dirty, dusty, hot place, and although the dry lake is VERY smooth, it is still a RallyX and takes a little care and patience on the entry road. Don't bring the corvette or your church clothes.

    Membership application for the Enduro RallyX Club is availble at:
    Saturday June 2nd - Johnson Valley Enduro RallyX Club
    Registration closes Monday night!

    Limit of only 20 drivers, so don't get left out due to procrastination. Refunds can only be issued up to a week before the meeting.

    Pre-registration is extra important due to the sensitive scheduling of this meeting.

    There's already 10 signed up, and based on raised eyebrows at the Glen Helen event, I expect entries to fill up fast.

    There's a tenative plan to try this at Glen Helen as well. So participating at Johnson Valley will be great, economical experiance.

    Free camping on site.

    You'll only need to be there for a few hours to participate. A person's schedule will look something like this:

    Scheduled Start Time: 10:30
    Scheduled Work Time: 11:30-12:30

    So this driver should show at about 9:30, and probably leave by 1. Everyone but me will have a similar schedule.

    I'll be plenty receptive to people wanting to hang out longer and help, but it certainly won't be required.

    I'll probably ask for some volunteers for about 7:30 to 10am.

    CalClub RallyX home page:

    After this event several of us will be heading straight up to Lone Pine for Sunday's time trials.

    Jay W

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    We had a total of 11 people participating in the EnduroRallyX at Johnson Valley. I won the 2wd (and straight timed the 4wd guys). Due to pylon penelties on the faster drivers the 4wd winner ended up being someone who ran out of gas before getting to his 25min! (Kurt Smith).

    Results are up on the RallyX website:

    Jay W

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