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Thread: How to sign up for 11/12 practice event

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    How to sign up for 11/12 practice event

    Hi all,

    New guy here, but not new to autocross. Definitely still a novice driver, but autox'd 3 seasons in Seattle. However, I have not autox'd in 3 years now due to funds.

    I'm finally getting back in the game so I was looking up the schedule for the San Diego area. I see there is a practice session on the 12th. In Seattle, I was used to the schedule page having a link to each session where you could sign up. Is there something like this available? Or is there a sign up sheet I need to print and mail with a payment?

    Just to briefly introduce, I own an '05 Subaru STi and plan on competing in stock class (which if I remember back from when I used to attend, STi is placed in Stock A?). I am still in search of an extra set of wheels that I can slap on some good tires (even the stock 070's that came on this car would be nice...) but am still trying to find a good deal.

    I figured for a practice event, I wouldn't mind using my daily tires...

    Anyway, I look forward to meeting any of you guys that will be attending!

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    Look at the bottom of this page. There is a button that says 'SCCA SDR SOLO'. Click it. It will take you here;

    Look to the left of that page. Another button with 'Schedule'. That is the list you are asking for.

    Unfortunately the flyer for the practice is not up yet. It will be up very soon. VERY soon.

    You might also want to go here;
    And sign up for email notification of when the flyers go up. It's usually 4 weeks before the event date.
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    Great! Thanks for the info. Yeah, I saw the event calendar but didn't see any links to take you to I guess it's just too early still.

    I also signed up for email I should be good. Look forward to meeting everyone there.

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