Hi all,

New guy here, but not new to autocross. Definitely still a novice driver, but autox'd 3 seasons in Seattle. However, I have not autox'd in 3 years now due to funds.

I'm finally getting back in the game so I was looking up the schedule for the San Diego area. I see there is a practice session on the 12th. In Seattle, I was used to the schedule page having a link to each session where you could sign up. Is there something like this available? Or is there a sign up sheet I need to print and mail with a payment?

Just to briefly introduce, I own an '05 Subaru STi and plan on competing in stock class (which if I remember back from when I used to attend, STi is placed in Stock A?). I am still in search of an extra set of wheels that I can slap on some good tires (even the stock 070's that came on this car would be nice...) but am still trying to find a good deal.

I figured for a practice event, I wouldn't mind using my daily tires...

Anyway, I look forward to meeting any of you guys that will be attending!