I need to get some sort of organization going. each request i need to go through the folder searching. In order to help me out I ask a few things. I love the sport and like photography and design. Please send your photo request via my website at www.racingroyalty.com, I am trying to generate some traffic and i only ask for a minute of your time and i will give 10 minutes (at least). i do not ask for money just a trade. all so when you ask for a photo please tell me the number, color, make, and your name and of course how to send it to ya, generally a 300 dpi image is created. sometimes i have multiple really good shots, so if you want more then we can work out a deal . I all so ask to use www.racingroyalty.com cause i am constantly going back into the forum searching for your thread post and it is taking up valuable time. after each race i attend i will post a list of car numbers to help make it easy for you to know if i got a good photo of your car. I really appreciate your help and patience. feel free to ask me anything. i am easy going and i try to introduce myself when i can next time.