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Thread: 41st Lone Pine Time Trials- 2011

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    41st Lone Pine Time Trials- 2011

    The 41st anniversary of the Lone Pine Time Trials will be donating all proceeds to the Los Angeles Braille Institute Youth Center. This event also marks the 3rd annual Craig Angel Memmorial.

    VIDEO of a 2+ minute run!

    Pre-register (both days)

    Pre-register (Saturday, one day only)

    Pre-register (Sunday, one day only)

    *Additional entry details are explained when you log on to register.
    We want to thank our sponsors for their support!

    Midnight Oil Motors

    Bilstein Shock Absorbers USA


    Friday, June 3rd from 5:00PM to 11:00PM. Located in the parking lot of the Sierra Café in the center of downtown Lone Pine.

    Saturday, June 4th from 6:30AM to Noon at the event site (Manzanar Airfield)


    Saturday/Sunday parade laps: 7:15AM-7:30AM

    *All group 1 & 2 cars to the pre-grids (A and B)

    A mandatory drivers meeting will be held each morning at 7:45AM

    Saturday/Sunday- First car out at 8:00AM sharp!

    *We are planning on setting up two pre-grids for staging cars in group 1 and 2, 3 and 4. If you are running in group 2, have your car on grid immediately after the morning parade laps and check in for working group one at the timing/scoring RV. The same applies for groups 3 and 4 after the lunch break. Group 3 and 4 cars should be placed in their perspective grids immediately after the last heat 2 car leaves the starting line for its final run. This format speeds up the transition between run groups tremendously and permits all of us to clean up and prepare for the Saturday night banquet and get on the road home ASAP on Sunday!

    RUN AND WORK GROUPS: **All participants are REQUIRED to perform their assigned work duty for the duration of one run group. Competitors will be assigned their run group and work group at Registration Friday night.

    **This Time Trial event is only possible with the help of everyone in attendance. All worker positions must be filled to ensure that the event is conducted in a safe and timely fashion. Please do not skip your work duty! Awards, entry fees, run results and eligibility to compete in next year’s event will directly reflect your decision… and not in a good way! If you are unable to work the course for any reason, please contact the Event Chairman in advance to ensure a suitable work duty.

    ELIGIBILITY: MUST BE at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver’s license. No membership required. Due to the high speed nature of this even, it is recommended for experienced competitors.

    SAFETY: COMMON SENSE! MUST WEAR SEAT BELTS AND APPROVED HELMET (some loaner helmets available). Helmets must be SNELL 95 or newer. No DOT helmets. NO alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants may be used by drivers, crew or spectators before or during each day’s competition. After the course is closed, have a blast! Please observe a 5mph speed limit in the pit and grid areas.

    VEHICLE CLASSING: Solo, Club Racing, SCCA, IMSA, VINTAGE, NASA, Spec E30, RallyCar, Lemons, the family sled, whatever. We will find a class for you. 5 or more pre-registered drivers who want to run their own class may do so. OPEN EXHAUST is allowed if your class permits it. Basic car classification per the 2011 SCCA Solo rule book. Still not sure what class? Provide details on how your car is prepared and we will find a place for you. Unsafe vehicles will be turned away at TECH so please review the safety guidelines in the Solo rule book!!! This is not an autocross event. It is a high speed time trial.

    Please visit for online entry, additional event information, photo galleries and email database registration.

    This high speed time trial is held on the abandoned Manzanar Airfield located in the Owens Valley which was built in the early 40’s primarily for military training purposes. Roughly a decade had passed and the base was abandoned. Since then it has been used for a handful of military activities, TV commercials and special motorsport events such as this. The surface consists of the original asphalt and aggregate and prior to the annual “clean up” effort, can be partially overgrown with seasonal weeds as well as a particular contribution from both the indigenous and domesticated wildlife. This event has always had a surreal aura to it. The mysterious Airfield is bordered to the West by the snowcapped Sierras and Mt. Whitney. To the east, the far more arid Inyo Mountain range overshadows the foreboding Death Valley National Park.

    For a number of regular competitors, this is the only motorsport event they attend all year. For others, it is a unique opportunity to “stretch the legs” of their vehicle of choice in a picturesque yet raw event location. The course is fast and flowing with sparsely spaced pylon chicanes down both sides of the 5000’ runway and taxiway. Most vehicles will negotiate the majority of the 2+ mile course in third and fourth gear, only downshifting to 2nd to negotiate either of two slaloms and the start/finish area. The surface is fairly abrasive with heavy marbles off line, but there is quite a bit of traction to be found for those who drive a clean and tidy race line. The surface characteristics just add to the challenge and unique nature of this event.

    HERE is a recent video tour of the Airfield dated 1-17-2010.

    HERE is the GoogleMaps link to the Airfield.
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    I'll be up there for Sunday. A few of the Rally guys are going to follow me up from Johnson Valley.

    Jay W

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    RESULTS- Saturday and Sunday

    The final results for the 41st Lone Pine Time Trials can be found here:

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    Oh, you just posted this because you blew everyone away
    But seriously, great job Bret.

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