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Thread: SCNAX Shirts

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    SCNAX Shirts

    Okay guys, I've got the shirts from Art. There is quite a few of them, and despite what I said before, many Larges. They are Navy blue or Forrest Green. I assume we'll do the same as before, the club will be paying SCNAX LA for shirts consumed. If you want an extra shirt they're $21.

    I say we give shirts to new members, anyone who only has a gray shirt (old skool), and people who have really trashed their shirt by wearing it 24/7.

    Don't send me orders, just come find me at the events and take a shirt. Make sure I acknowedge you are taking one (for accounting).

    I'll be at the Apr 2, and obviously at the Apr 22-23.

    Jay W
    505/287 Dakota

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    Can I get an XL? I'll be at the April 22nd practice.
    2005 Subaru WRX STi 4X4

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    The system works more like this: Find Jay's blue Neon, then rummage through the box until you find a shirt you want.

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    Are shirts still available for SCNAX?

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    I never got one when I autocrossed, which was 2007 ish. I presume they are gone

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    Some might still be 'in the bag'. Because of the difficult economy we have had to cut back so we would have money for low tun out events.

    So please show patience.

    'Go slow to go fast' they say'. Heh. Trust me...... when it comes down to the fast ones? They go fast to go fast.

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