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    DCCSD Sign

    At this month's meeting, we had two new folks try to attend, but they couldn't find the meeting spot and left. While the shop is arguably pretty clearly marked, it can be a little difficult for someone to find in the dark.

    I mentioned to Steve Coe that we could use a club A-frame sign and put it out on the curb to help shepherd people into the meetings. We could also use it at any club events to help people spot the right place. I'm willing to build the sign, and I guess I should have proposed it as new business. I think it'd be about $40 in materials to build a good sturdy homemade sign, or perhaps $125 to do it with professional graphics.

    Any thoughts? Anyone have suggestions for an inexpensive printing option? E.g. is there a durable option from Kinko's or some such that I could mount on wood, or should I just paint it by hand?
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    try calling modern image based in miramar. They do stickers, magnets, graphics, banners, and full body car wraps. They should be able to make something for us. they charge a lot to design something but the printing aspect isn't that bad. We would just need someone to be willing to make a vector image graphic to be printed. I know how to use illustrator and I have made a few of my own logos for things, but I am new to the program.

    A logo I made

    printing web site
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    I can take care of the sign, I do this kinda stuff all the time, grapics and all....

    feel free to gimme a call or stop by the office..

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