View Full Version : 370z and 24' enclosed trailer, $28,995

06-19-2016, 02:42 PM
2014 gun metallic base + sport package (bigger brakes, rev-match downshift, factory viscous LSD)
1954 miles, still basically brand new, always kept indoors

Custom-built Koni 30-series with curves matching the 28-series on the Brian Peters 350z
Spherical bearing top mounts
1100lb front, 800lb. rear hyper coil springs (1200,700,650lb pairs of hyper coils included)
Hotchkis sway bars front and rear (front is big but not adjustable, rear is adjustable)
Kinetic adjustable front upper control arms, modified for more negative camber
Adjustable rear spring perches adapted to 2.5” springs

Quaife limited slip diff
Solid poly rear subframe and diff bushings
Rear subframe and braces powder coated silver and dark gray (much nicer than crummy black paint from factory)
Front strut tower brace powder coated dark gray

34-row Z1 Motorsports oil cooler
Z1 motorsports two-piece front rotors (10lb. lighter than OE per side)
Clear bra on forward half of hood
Factory slash guards plasti-dipped
XS Power 4lb. lithium battery

Red GTR start button
Recaro Pole Position driver seat in jersey and suede (+$1000)
Tomei duracon shift knob
Factory seat heater switch wired into the yaw sensor (disabling the yaw sensor doesn’t impede ABS but allows the car to better rotate under braking )

Stock wheels/tires (19x9, 19x10) in mint condition, tires have 150 miles on them
18x9 3-piece Jongbloed wheels (18 lbs.). Camaro bolt pattern with adapter. (+$2000)
Full-tread 255/40-18 Bridgestone RE71R, maybe 30 runs
Extra set of factory TPMS sensors in pressured vessel in glovebox (car not yet trained to them)

Takeda cold air intake, powder coated dark gray (looks factory)
PPE stainless headers with their fancy parallel merge collectors
Ciro 100-cell cats
Custom mid pipe with a pair of Burns mufflers on v-bands
Factory muffler - car is stock-level quiet at idle and cruise, louder at high revs but safe for 92db settings
Uprev tuned (before and after header install)
355hp, 280tq on Church’s dynapack

Royal Purple engine oil, Redline synthetics in trans and diff.

Have all the parts to go back to stock, except for the shift knob. STR mods started at 600 miles so the stock stuff is still perfect.

Includes 5hz DL1 cleanly wired in to the factory OBD2 port (giving throttle position, RPM, temperature, and other data)

Right fender behind front wheel has a very minor doink from a cone, easy to have fixed. Right front splash guard is a little less than perfect from cone hits. Front lower air dam a little gouged in one spot from trailering.

Lots more pics/videos here: http://www.rhoadescamaro.com/build/?cat=23

Included free with purchase, 24’ Pace enclosed trailer

Trailer was recently hit by a neighboring motorhome - still tows fine and appears weatherproof. At the shop now getting repair estimate. Figured this would be a way to offer it basically for free, and I'll keep the insurance settlement. Trailer not available separately until the Z sells. I don't have the trailer title, you'll have to get a new one. Trailer is rough cosmetically but fine mechanically, fresh tires and comes with hitch, WD and anti-sway setup, a set of tie-downs, spare, and the race ramps pictured.

If bought together, can deliver within a reasonable distance of So Cal.

+$2000 for the Jongbloeds & Bridgestones
+$1000 for the Recaro seat
+$2500 to have the trailer repaired